Stand in awe, and sin not:
commune with your own heart upon your bed,
and be still.

Psalms 4:4

A few years ago I was in Honolulu, Hawaii purchasing food at one of the local groceries stores.

The man in front of had a phrase on his shirt that caught my attention.

In big, bold, red lettering the expression read “Relax, this ain’t the mainland”.

Relax? I thought. Why? I’m from the mainland? Am I not relaxed enough?

These were just a few of the thoughts running through my head.

Throughout my stay in Hawaii I came across this shirt often, causing me to reflect on the importance of slowing down.

Everyone knows Hawaii as a place of relaxation.  If you have been there you know that things run just a little bit slower than what we, mainlanders, are used too.

We live in a world that is in high demand.

Now, immediately, fast, speed, instant, are all words frequently used in our vocabulary.

What would happen if we slowed down a bit?

Im not saying that we all leave our jobs, fly to Hawaii, and spend the rest of our lives on a beach. (Although that is tempting) What would happen if we took just a second to treasure those who are around us a little more?

The fact is that all day long we come into contact with strangers ––those we may not know or know very little of. What would happen if we took a moment out of our busy schedules to show others that we are interested in who they are, and what they’re about?

We read of multiple instances in the scriptures where Christ could see the value of those He came into contact with while living a life similar to ours as mortal individuals. How did Jesus set aside the natural mans tendency’s to get wrapped up in the demands of life, and find time to see the value in each individual He came into contact with?

How often are we in a social setting; a school class, a bus stop, the check out line? Do we remember to slow down, to soften ourselves, and open up to those in our company?

Whether we are in the mainland, far-away land, or the isles of Hawaii we could learn to relax, decelerate, and take time to appreciate those right in front of us.

Taking time to value those around us can bring us much joy.

It can create bonds with people we never imagined.

And most importantly, it will help us multiply the love of Christ and bring His goodness to our community wherever we are.

Insight and Inspiration

Matthew 9:36

But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.

Job 37:14

Stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.

The Invitation

It was Renee Swope who said, “Lord, help me live an unhurried life.”  What if you tried that for one day?  What would change?  How might your relationships improve?  What is one thing you could do today to slow down?


Nate Smith

Nate is a full time student at USU Eastern. He loves people, lacrosse, good conversation, taking on anything challenging and Hawaii.

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