“The Lord is my light and my salvation;
whom I shall fear? the Lord is the strength of my life;
of whom shall I be afraid?”
(Psalm 27:1)

After the fateful day when the golden image was raised up in Babylon and the three boys – Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego – were threatened with the fiery furnace if they did not fall down and worship, they spoke their faith without hesitation. Said they, “If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king. But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.” (Daniel 3:17-18)

Faith is not so much a feeling as a declaration that God is good and that He will deliver us in the way He sees best.

It was a snowy Sunday morning with all the typical rush of getting our family of five ready for church. But the fate of a day often turns on such small hinges.

One foolish choice from two little boys (who decided it might be fun to jump from couch to couch) resulted in screams and the older brother running down the stairs as fast as his 5-year-old legs could carry him.

“Tate’s bleeding!” he cried with anxious eyes.

We immediately began tending to our 4-year-old’s forehead, split wide open on the corner of a table and pouring blood.

Meanwhile, Easton, in the vigilant way of an older brother, found my cell phone and called all of his grandparents, pleading with them: “Will you please pray for Tate? He has a bleedie on his head.”

Not until my mother called and asked how Tate was doing, did I realize. She thanked me for asking Easton to call and let them know. I told her I hadn’t. He had done it all on his own.

So wrapped up was I in the moment of emergency that I didn’t even notice the faithful actions of my other son. He boldly stepped forward with profound faith in his little heart to make the calls that he knew would work.

Faith is not so much a grand spectacle as it is a secret act of the heart.

As I contemplate these stories I wonder if I still have the faith of a little child. After all the growing up I have done and all wise learning I have gained, have I lost the childlike faith to trust wholly in my Perfect Father?

I say I have faith, but then I get discouraged and tell myself things like “Life is too hard. I can’t do this. I’m just not good enough.”

I think I have faith but then forget to pray with that complete confidence that Heavenly Father will answer in His own way and in His own timing.

I feel I have faith but then I fail to reach out in the midst of my trials and ask for prayers from the ones who truly care about me

But spring is melting through the snow and turning the soil of my heart – preparing it for the sowing of faith seeds.

Instead of discouragement, I will speak faith – just as the three young boys who knew that God would deliver them and even if not, they would still be faithful. My heart will no longer sow weeds of discouragement – but seeds of faith. “Life is hard, but beautiful. I can do this with the Lord by my side because He is good enough.” Yes, I will speak faith.

Instead of worrisome fretting, I will pray with complete and utter trust that Father will hear and answer my yearnings with just what is best for my heart.

And I will reach out, like my sweet little son, to those whose prayers I know will work in my behalf.

The Invitation:

Will you join me in planting your very own faith seeds? For these secret, small seeds planted in the fertile soil of humility will usher in a bounteous harvest.

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