Great grace was upon them all

Acts 4:33

The book of Acts shows us a transformed and converted man in Peter.  Remember that early in his ministry Jesus spoke to him and said “when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren” (Luke 22:32).

By the time Peter had gone through the death and trial of sufferings of Christ, truly he had become converted.

He became a mighty apostle facing persecution, sentenced to prison and even death, rejoicing that he was counted worthy to suffer as a representative of Christ (Acts 5:41).

At that point in his life he could not be held back from testifying of Christ, regardless of whatever consequences would come his way (Acts 4:19-20)

Because of this apostolic witness Luke records that “great grace was upon them all” (Acts 4:33).

Grace is the strength of heaven that is needed to courageously stand for Christ against those that oppose or anything that opposes us.

In Acts chapter 12 the apostle Peter is cast into prison for preaching of the resurrected Christ.  The Sanhedrin band had already taken Jesus out and was not about to allow Peter to continue the cause of Christ. They placed Peter deep within a prison.  His cell was surrounded by 16 guards with two inside shackled directly to him.  Truly this prison was unaskable.

But God sent and angel who shined light in the prison and broke the chains, removed the guards, and opened the doors of the prison.  Peter could not have gotten out of the prison without God, without His grace, but with God’s help Peter put on his sandals, stood up, and walked out.

When you feel like you are in an unaskable prison you must trust and wait for God.  Grace is the endowment of strength to break out of unaskable prisons.  Grace is the light that shines in the prisons to illuminate their purpose.  Grace is the greatest manifestation of God’s love because it provides the way out when we feel trapped.

We must however put on our sandals and walk out of the prison.  We must use the grace that the Lord sends to us!

So what is your unaskable prison?  Perhaps it is an addiction? Perhaps it is a struggle with weight or an eating disorder?  Perhaps it is a relationship that seems like it will never get better?  Maybe it is a faith crisis that seems unresolvable?  Maybe it is employment struggles and financial shackles?  Perhaps it is the seeming inability to forgive?  Maybe one of your children seem so far gone that you have lost hope for return?  Maybe it is a health challenge that feels crippling?  Perhaps it is a social situation that seems to have no hope for anything good.  We all may experience some form of what seems like unaskable prisons.  Wait for God’s light, wait for God’s love, and wait for God’s grace to be manifest in his own time and way.  He is coming!  He is going to get you out!

I am sure Peter felt there was no way out of the prison he was in.  I’m sure the people who prayed for him “without ceasing” were wondering if God would ever deliver Peter out of prison.  But the great grace shined down from heaven and gave the way out.

Psalms 69:33 – For the Lord heareth the poor, and despiseth not his prisoners.


First, record in a journal how God is sending grace into your life and delivering you from unaskable prisons.  Second, pray for the ability to wait for the angel to come and light the prison and show the way out.  Third, if the way has been provided put on your sandals and take the needed step of faith!



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Guy Johnson

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