Is it just me, or is there is something about February that makes a heart lonely.  It’s so many days of darkness.  It’s so many days of snow. It’s so many days of staying inside for the warmth from the coldness outside.  And I am warm.  But I am lonely.

I miss the women in my life.

The conversations.

The laughter.

And there, within the missing, I have been reminded of a memory from my grandmother’s old black trunk.

When I was younger, I would visit my grandmother’s home.

Sometimes we would drag her old black trunk up from the basement so we could look through the memories ––the fragile lace dresses, the button up shoes, the silver etched mirrors.  Grandma Belle would tell her stories, and we would try on the dresses that dated back to the early 1900’s.

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At the end of the day we would pack up the trunk.  Each of the dresses and trinkets placed carefully between the tissue paper.  But the memories, I kept in my heart.

It was a memory that made me pull my grandmother’s old black trunk out the other day.  I lifted out the lace, and the satin, and the quilts.  I knew what I was looking for.  A small, silver purse, lined with pink.  A holder of cards.

It was my great grandmother’s.

The cards all have her name.

Mrs. Duncan MacVichie
702 East South Temple Street.

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It was exactly how I had remembered it.

And I remember my grandmother explaining what the cards were for.  On Wednesdays my great grandmother Pearl Davenport MacVichie accepted visitors.  All day long.

Women.  Who came over to talk.  Even in February.

And I decided, right then and there, that I need some cards like that.

But I don’t know anyone who carries a small metal purse.  And I don’t know anyone who hands out small formal cards with dates inscribed in beautiful script.

And I don’t know anyone who sits at home in their parlor all day on Wednesday’s and waits for visitors. (because who even has a parlor nowadays?)

But I do know women who want to have conversations about important things.  I know a lot of them.  And a few of us gathered the other night to talk about my great grandmother’s silver purse.

And the need for a gathering place for good conversation.

And we remembered Multiply Goodness.

And an idea was born.

So, we have an exciting announcement for you

Because we are lovers of hospitality, and of women of faith, and of good conversation, we have decided to direct our focus for 2017 toward gathering, and talking, and lifting hearts.

And we want you to join us!

Here is how it will look.

At the beginning of every month we will post several items meant just for gathering, talking, and lifting.

  1. A monthly scripture calendar with a new verse to ponder every day of the month.
  2. Devotional blog posts written about some of these verses on the scripture calendar.  These devotionals will be posted several days a week.  We will keep you updated through instagram so you will know when to watch for these posts.
  3. A study guide for you to study on your own or with a group of friends.  Every month will have a theme.  The month of February will be LOVING WELL.
  4. Once a month we will be gathering as a group to discuss what we are learning from the verses and from the study guide.  These conversations will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah; Gilbert, Arizona; Austin, Texas; and anywhere else where someone is willing to invite women into their home.  Everything you need for that evening will be posted within the study guide:  a fun dessert, simple decorations, a lesson from the scriptures, and question cards meant to inspire good conversation and lift hearts.

Watch Instagram this week for everything you will need to get started.  WE will be posting all the information you will need over the next four days.  Which reminds me…would you be kind enough to be patient with us as we put everything in place this month?  It’s going to take some time for this dream to take shape.

But I have set out one of my great grandmother’s cards to remind me of our purpose.  For gathering.  For having conversations about important things.  For lifting hearts.

And every day this month I intend to work toward that one goal.

Hoping you will join us in this endeavor.

And that you might consider inviting a friend.

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Emily Freeman
Emily Freeman took her first creative writing class in high school and has loved writing ever since. She finds great joy in studying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Her deep love of the scriptures comes from a desire to find their application in everyday life. She is the author of several books, including The Peter Potential: Discover the Life you Were Meant to Live; 21 Days Closer to Christ; and Written On Our Hearts. There is nothing Emily enjoys more for breakfast than a bowl of coconut ice cream, strawberries, and toasted coconut. Other favorites include parades, vacations, firework displays, and going for a long walk with a good friend. Emily and her husband, Greg, live in Lehi, Utah, with their four children, whom she adores.
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