IMG_6623I could feel that the tears were about to spill over so I quickly turned my head and uttered a quick goodbye.
Right as I was about to open my front door, however, he caught my arm and asked, “Sam, what’s wrong?”
At this point the tears were spilling freely down my face and words were pouring from my mouth.

I told him how I felt sad and overwhelmed.
How nothing in life seemed to be in my control, and how I just can’t seem to get a handle on anything.
But above all else, I told him how I don’t feel needed.
Does anyone need me?
Does God need me?
What do I even do for God?
Do I contribute anything to this world?
Is there anyone who is better off because of me?
Am I an instrument in God’s hands?

I expressed all my concerns and feelings for well over an hour, but walking away from the conversation I still wasn’t sure of anything.
I still felt inadequate.
I still wondered if I really mattered at all.
I decided to offer a simple prayer to ask for reassurance that I actually am needed, that I do matter, and that I am loved.

I walked maybe 50 steps before I looked down and saw a message written on the sidewalk. All it said was, “You matter.”
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Then, 4 steps later I saw another message that said, “God loves you.”

I know it wasn’t something miraculous, but it was enough.
It was a simple reminder that I am enough.
I am worth it.
I am needed.
I matter.
I am loved.

And so are you.
You are enough,
You matter,
And you are loved.

Don’t ever forget all that you’re worth.
I promise you there is someone out there who is better off because of you.
There is someone out there who needs you.
So keep your chin up,
Smile and be happy,
And enjoy life,
Because you deserve it.

Sam Healy
Samantha Dru Healy. But you can call me Sam. Or Dru, whichever you prefer. Just please, not Sami.
Sam Healy

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Sam Healy
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