Jesus saith unto her, Woman, why weepest thou?  Whom seekest thou?

John 20:15-16

I can imagine Mary there by the empty tomb, tears staining her worried face.  She must have been spent, physically and emotionally.  Mary had stood at the foot of the cross as her friend and Savior was crucified.  She had assisted at the burrial and now the body of Jesus was gone.  She might have leaned her back against the large stone which had been rolled away.  It’s possible she wondered what could be done.  How would they find His body?

Mary stood alone, mourning.

It was then that she heard, “Woman, why weepest thou?  Whom seekest thou?”  She supposed it to be the gardener.  Only after he called her by name did she know that it was the very Messiah whose death she was mourning.
It is no coincidence to me that the first mortal that Christ revealed himself to was a sorrowing woman.  He shows his perfect love and coompassion as He moves to her to comfort her.  I take great comfort from this passage because I too have mourned deeply.  I haven’t seen Him as Mary did, but I have felt His Spirit in those moments when I could not go on.  His love has, in fact, enpowered me. I know He cares for me and understands my mourning heart.
I have mourned my lost eyesight, my physical limmitations, the death of loved ones, the choices of family members and so many small things that have  torn away at my heart.  Christ cares for and comes to those who mouurn.  He came to the sorrowing Mary.  He came to me in my darkest times and He will come to you.  No matter the reason for the sorrow, His love will reach you and help you through the suffering.
The Invitation
Lean on Him when you sorrow.  Answer the second part of  His inquiry to Mary, “Whom seekest thou?”  When you mourn who can and should you seek?  Jesus.  He is the only source for comfort, understanding and power to keep going.
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Kris Belcher
Courage, perseverance, faith and humor are the themes of Kris Belcher’s life. Left completely blind and emotionally shattered in 2003 from her second battle with cancer, Kris was unsure how to go on. She has since grown accustomed to life in the dark, but could do without the bumps and bruises that accompany blindness. Kris is contemplating full body armor as a safety precaution. Giving hope to others who struggle in life has been the motivation for Kris to write and speak; she has shared her story and laughed with audiences throughout the United States and into Canada.
Kris Belcher

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Kris Belcher
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