What I love I near at hand

I looked up on the wall to see a large wooden sign with these words written across, “What I love is near at hand.”  I’ve only been to my friend’s home twice but have been struck both times with the sense that these were important words for my life.  I have since sat pondering this little phrase often in the last several months, each time considering how profound these words are.  I can’t help but wonder how deeply beautiful our lives would be if we truly lived this and believed this.

It doesn’t take too much for us to feel empty.  Dark days are real.  I had a few of them myself not too long ago.  I felt stuck, tired, sad, and powerless.  I longed for brighter days, for happiness to reach up and grab hold of me.  But I sat wallowing in sorrow, fear, doubt, and wishing for things I had but didn’t.  It seems so silly that I ever let days like that creep in when it’s so easy to recognize God’s beauties and tender mercies all around.  But they easily do, and I have to jump start my happiness and pull myself out of it.

When I stop to consider those things near–my home, my loved ones, my family, I start to recognize that everything I’ve ever wanted, everything that I hold dear, everything that is truly important to me, everything that matters, is within my reach–is near at hand.  What makes the different is whether or not I’m putting my love of God and love of others ahead of myself and what I think I want at the time.

I’m quite certain God gave us our families to love, hold, and cherish.  I just think sometimes we forget that everything we need, everything we want, is within reach.

I’m finding a way to put these words in my own home as a reminder, but for now, I’ll tuck them in my heart and keep them close.

Katie Hughes

Katie Hughes

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Katie Hughes

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Katie Hughes
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