Multiply Goodness - The Art of Noticing by Merrilee Boyack

Multiply Goodness - The Art of Noticing by Merrilee Boyack

I remember the day so clearly – the memory is seared in my mind. A woman I didn’t know was working next to me. She looked at me and startled and said, “Oh! I was distracted for a moment by your beautiful eyes. You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen!”

Now you need to know that I have hated my eyes my entire life. In my opinion, they are my worst feature. They are small, deep-set, a rather ho-hum shade of hazel, and I have puffy hooded eyelids. Think an unattractive version of Helen Hunt. So I was startled. In fact, I was speechless!

Later, I stared into the mirror, wondering how in the world that woman thought my eyes were beautiful. I began to consider that maybe they weren’t that bad after all.

One comment. One moment. Changed everything.

One thing I love about the Savior is that he noticed things. He noticed the Samaritan woman at the well that no one else would notice. He noticed Zacchaeus up in the tree because he was little of stature. He noticed the children and their parents who were desperate to have them blessed by Jesus. He noticed when the woman with the issue of blood was instantly healed.

Jesus gave the gift of noticing other people. And as he noticed them, he loved them

My cousin used to comment, “Everybody is wearing an invisible sign that says, ‘Make me feel important!’”

Each one of us wants to be noticed. And we can give that gift to others so very easily. Just open your eyes and look at others–and do something!

It can be as simple as a quick hug to the depressed teenager. It can be a comment, “Those shoes are fierce!” to the large woman that no one compliments. It can be a “hello” to the lonely man at church. It can be a smile to the toddler fussing in the shopping cart in line in front of you.

Tiny noticings can be a great gift of love. And our pattern of noticing can create ripples of love. Living water of love for all those around us as we share His love from our hearts.

Merrilee Boyack
Mom of 4, grandma of 2, attorney, author, speaker, and very gifted eater of food cooked by others.
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  • Vanalee

    Thanks for so eloquently articulating some of my thoughts the past few weeks.

  • Lynnette Sheppard

    What a great reminder to keep your eyes up, notice, and do something. A simple comment can really change somebody’s entire perspective…and I will try to speak up more from now on. Thank you!

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