I’ve been married long enough to understand a few things about being married.

The give and take; the defining of roles and responsibilities; the power of communication; the need to take time for one another; the importance of serving each other; the danger of unrealistic expectations; financial understanding.. the list could go on and on.

I’m good at some of these, and working to be better at others. But there is one thing I know and believe deeply to my core.  It was a concept taught to me by my mother, and taught to my mother by her own.  It runs deep and I hear it resonate from time to time in the corners of my mind when things get tough or when I’m looking for ways to recreate a feeling I had when I was first married.

It’s simply this: Your husband is only going to be as great as you think he is.

I believe we have it within us to build great husbands.
As women, we can make or break them.  Build or wreck them.  Buoy or drag. We can bless or blame.  Restore or shatter.  Create or destroy.

All by a simple word, or attitude or look.

There is a direct correlation and connection with how our husbands feel about themselves, about their roles as husbands, sons, fathers, professionals, community/church leaders, and how we THINK of them.

The more I grow older and see the great men that I love and honor as husbands, fathers, and friends, I look at the wives who have helped build these men into the people they are.
What could YOU do today to build your husband?

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Katie Hughes

Katie Hughes

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Katie Hughes

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Katie Hughes
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