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“Remember when we repelled off our railing?”

“And that one time we made the huge fort out of all our couches?”

The time seemed to be passing too quickly, and before I knew it, my family and I had spent hours laughing, talking, and reminiscing of all the great memories we have together.

There were some stories I didn’t remember until we talked about them again, and some that I couldn’t wait to tell.

But every story brought back memories and waves of emotion; some made me laugh, some made me shake my head and wonder how we’ve all managed to still be alive, and every single one brought a smile to my face and overwhelmed me with happiness.

It was such a great night, and it made me realize something very important.

It has been a year of growth and change, especially in my family.

We’re all growing up,

Entering into new stages of life,

Most of us have moved out,

Some are living on a different continent,

We’ve welcomed new members to the family,

And it’s been years since we’ve all been together,

But there will be some things that will never change.

The love we have for each other will never change.
The memories we’ve created will never fade.
The relationships we’ve formed will only get stronger.
And the happiness we find in each other will always be treasured.

Never let yourself forget all the good times you’ve had.

Take time to relive those memories,

And express love to those you treasure the most,

Because every moment will pass,

And life will continue to move forward,

So bring all the good things with you.

Embrace change,

Welcome new opportunities,

Find new people to share your love with,

And always be grateful for what you have, and all the wonderful things you have already had the chance to experience.


Sam Healy
Samantha Dru Healy. But you can call me Sam. Or Dru, whichever you prefer. Just please, not Sami.
Sam Healy

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Sam Healy
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