My life was blessed by a hug.

I didn’t give the hug, nor was I the recipient.  I wasn’t there to witness the hug.  In fact, I didn’t even know it took place until a couple months ago.

A hug.

So simple.

But the ripples are still…rippling.

Allow me to shed a little light on this whole hug thing.  My daughter Meg’s 6th grade teacher was Mr. Bingham.  Towards the end of the school year they started talking about summer vacations and realized both of our families were going to be in New York City at the same time this June!  Mr. Bingham suggested we meet up and spend a day together.  A splendid idea.  We began discussing options of where we could meet.  Mr. Bingham suggested the Statue of Liberty.
(I’m getting to the hug part.)

Several years ago, Mr. Bingham and his family visited the Statue of Liberty.  While standing in line his daughter Becca, who was just a youngster at the time, spotted Barbara – an employee at the monument.  Becca spontaneously gave Barbara a huge hug!  They had never met but a lasting friendship blossomed from that embrace.

(This is where the ripples come in.)

Becca graduated from High School this year.  Barbara flew from New York to be at the graduation celebration.

Barbara is now the head-honcho (I’m not sure that is the official title, but you know what I mean) at the Statue of Liberty.  When we arrived at Battery Park, Barbara was there to meet us with…hugs.  She hugged me and my husband.  She hugged my children.  She hugged Mr. Bingham.  And she had a special hug for Becca.  Barbara took us to the front of the line where we boarded the ferry without waiting.  She arranged for us to tour the Statue of Liberty including a visit to the pedestal.  When we returned, Barbara was there to greet us and hand out a few more hugs before saying goodbye.

Each time I reflect on that remarkable monument not only do I remember stunning Lady Liberty, but I also feel Barbara’s hugs and Becca’s love.  I am grateful for the kindness our family experienced because of an embrace years earlier.

Hilary Weeks
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