We have loved checking Instagram and Twitter to see the #bethegood challenges happening all across the country. We also wanted to let you know what some Multiply Goodness community members chose to do for their challenges.


Community member Jamie from Writing in the Stillness posted this beautiful photo on our Facebook wall and said this:

Yesterday was Bread Day! Every week I let one of my children come with me to deliver a hot loaf of homemade wheat bread to the person or family of their choice. It’s a small and simple way for our family to follow in the footsteps of the Master and learn about service. #bethegood #multiplygoodness

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 5.20.08 PM

I took the challenge as well. My husband and I were in San Antonio on Saturday, and felt we needed to take some loaves of bread to friends of ours with a new baby who just arrived home after being in the hospital for an extended period of time. They’ve had a roller coaster of a few weeks, and times like that just call for pumpkin bread. (Bonus? It’s from our favorite bakery and restaurant that just opened here in Texas.)

Bread is clearly the love language of choice around here. *grin* We hope you’ll feel inspired to continue to help others and Be the Good in the lives of those who surround you.

Macy Robison
Mom, photographer, web designer, speaker, performer and donut enthusiast from Austin, TX. Partial to Sonic crushed ice and having tickle fights with my kids. http://macyrobison.com
Macy Robison
Macy Robison

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  • http://www.writinginthestillness.com Jamie

    Thanks for featuring me Macy!! This is such a beautiful idea!

    Have a wonderful day!

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