flagAs I placed my flag this Memorial Day I took a step back to consider.

The morning was still, the rain had cleansed the earth and made it green, the sun was peeking through the clouds and I was reminded. I stood in respect and said my own private, “I pledge allegiance to the flag…”

Memorial Day sets off a season of jubilees. Memorials of why we love this country. Placing that flag set off in me anticipations of parades and rodeos, bbq’s and fireworks, family time and yard work, cool mornings, hot days and gorgeous nights sitting on the porch, music concerts in the park, children running through sprinklers and bike rides to get an ice cream or snow cone.

But something more significant was set off in me: A deep love of God and Country. A deep respect and admiration for soldiers who have given all and families who sacrificed even more to this country. Profound depths of gratitude for living in a community where I can have peaceful mornings like this.

As we go into the summer season I wish you all those still moments where floods of joyous feelings swell inside of you. I pray that you feel the strength of the hosts of men and women who paved the way for you to enjoy the safety and peace that you have in your community.

May the whispers of “never forget” ring in your heart! May your season of memories this summer be be filled in great abundance.

Guy Johnson

Guy Johnson

Guy has heard just about every "Guy joke", like "Hey, it's that one Guy." or "You must be the only Guy here." Now he can add a new joke "You are that blogger Guy." Guy is an Idaho boy. Born in Pocatello Idaho, he grew up working on a farm with his grandfather just outside of the "big city". While working on the farm Guy learned lessons of work, integrity, faith, discipline and how to drive a tractor while singing a few country songs. Guy graduated from Idaho State University in sociology with a minor in political science and knew that he wanted to work in a service field. Later, receiving a Master's Degree from the University of Utah in education, Guy has been passionate about Education. Guy also developed a great love for an in depth study of the scriptures, especially scriptures that open understanding of our Savior Jesus Christ. Guy counts it a great blessing to be able to help youth and adults discover truths in the scriptures that bring happiness and hope. Guys greatest blessing is his sweet wife and their two children that teach him great lessons of discipleship. Guy hopes to be known as one who lives a simple life of multiplying goodness.
Guy Johnson
Guy Johnson

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