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Sometimes someone speaks so beautifully to your heart you don’t ever forget their words.  

School here in Arizona starts early.  I suppose there are pros and cons to both starting or delaying the inevitable.  I love summer; the freedom to live a little loose from the daily routine and let my children run free and wild before they head back to a quicker pace. In the same breath, I love the start of school; the chance to begin a fresh routine and help my kids grow in beautiful, necessary, and purposeful ways.

This year, I spent the first day of school limiting my own activities and sort of going “off the grid.”  I used this time to refocus my own energies and thoughts about how I could best bless my children’s lives this year.  It’s become a tradition, a sort of ritual, if you will, to spend this time mentally and emotionally considering how I can be more available to them.

I also try to sneak in making a batch of cookies too so they have something yummy to come home to regardless of how their first day went. Seems motherly and fun and there’s always love in baking.

During my moment of thoughtfulness, the words came into my heart that I’d learned a year or so before from a dear friend.  I had tucked the little piece of paper in my scriptures and found it coincidentally that very day.

“My role as a wife and mother goes far beyond teaching, caring for, organizing, cheerleading, feeding, and spiritually guiding.  One of the deeper and more abiding roles I have is to be the calm before the storm, the soft between the blows, the cushion against the writhing. As they come to and fro in a world full of hard knocks I can be that soft spot to land. Not the wife adding to the pain with my complaints or my nagging. Not the mother who has a list full of corrections the moment they set foot in the door. The wife and mother that says,”Come sit with me for a minute, I’ll bet you had a rough day.” I can be that cushion that every soul longs for, a respite to a life layered with turmoil–a cushion against the writhing”

It seemed particularly meaningful as I was waiting for their return that day, and now each day as they’ve come home to tell me how their day has gone.  I believe there is power in being that soft spot to land.

This school year I am resolving to do a few things better.

This world is hard enough as it is.

I want to be the respite, the safe spot, the comfort, the soft.

The cushion against the writhing.

Katie Hughes

Katie Hughes

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Katie Hughes

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