I was born with several great qualities.  (Now, before you think, “I’m not reading this boastful lady’s post!”  Let me explain.)

I am really good at being spontaneous.  Most of the time I like being spontaneous more than I like planning ahead.  I am also a very neat and tidy person.  Even as a teenager I valued a clean room.  I love to clean my house – bathrooms and all!  And it’s not that I just love the end result, I actually enjoy the process!  Weird.  I know.

I also have the quality of being a good listener.  I like to hear what people have to say and I don’t necessarily feel compelled to interrupt with my opinion.  I like to ask questions and listen to the answers.  Hearing experiences and stories from others is very interesting to me.

I like a lot of the qualities that God blessed me with.  But there is one particular quality that doesn’t come naturally to me.  I know it.  I recognize that about myself.  And yet, it is one of the most important qualities there is.  Maybe THE most important.

In the scriptures, James refers to it as the “royal law.”  (James 2:9)  In 1 Corinthians 13:2 it says if I don’t have this quality, “I am nothing.”

You probably already know which quality I am talking about – it’s charity.  Knowing that I have to work at this quality – I mean really work at it, I have spent some time studying it.  I was relieved to hear a trusted friend recently say that it is never too late to develop a quality or learn something we are supposed to learn in this life.  He said, “Even if it is learned in the last second, of the last minute, of the last hour, on the last day of our lives, it counts.”

It makes me feel a little better to know that Paul had to work at things too.  (Acts 24:16) “And herein do I exercise myself…”  He had to try, exert effort, practice, train, etc.

I’m going to continue working on developing charity.  I am going to “follow after charity.” (1 Cor. 14:1)  And I’m glad to know I still have time.

Hilary Weeks
Hilary Weeks is a professional singer/ songwriter in the inspirational music industry with ten completed solo albums. She is also a Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur who founded the community, a community that focuses on the power of positive thinking. She is the author of two books and a series of musical parodies.
Hilary Weeks

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Hilary Weeks
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