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I arrived at the airport three hours early, unaware that my quick flight back home was delayed.  Of course a thousand things went through my head.  I had spent the day before carefully creating a detailed schedule that could help the rhythm of my family life operate uninterrupted while I was gone.  I spent the day packing, carefully double checking to see that everything had been done,  then hurriedly kissed my children goodbye as I rushed off to the airport.

I felt a considerable disappointment wash over me, knowing that I could have spent a few more minutes with my favorite people if I had known my flight had been postponed.  I walked to the terminal and sat down across the chairs I never find empty.  And I just sat there.  Totally deflated.

I looked around at the sparsely populated gate, and saw others like myself, trying to figure out how to use the time.  One gal was sprawled across 3 or 4 chairs napping.  Another just sat there scrolling through her social media feed over and over again.  I overheard one conversation of a young gentleman (probably talking to his mother) about how bored he was.  They had all been here even longer than myself.  “Oh boy,” I thought, “just my luck.”

As a child, I used to watch Pollyanna often.  My parents endearingly called me Katie-Anna, recognizing my innate desire to make something glad of a discouraging situation.  At times it drove my family crazy, and I think at other times it probably helped a little.  Did I still have that in me, all these years later?  Sure—and after a few minutes, I let it transpire again, swell up within my heart and soul and find a place in me right there in those empty airport seats.

The thought came to me that I couldn’t recall the last time I had so much unscheduled time to myself. Could there be an actual blessing in having so much time at my fingertips?  I sat there pondering this concept and felt an added measure of understanding that there is beauty in the delay–that there are unforeseen blessings when we have to wait–patiently.  That all time is God’s time.  And when we trust in the timing of things, no matter the schedule or delay, that every moment can be His if we let them be.

I quickly opened my laptop and wrote these words:

The power of delay, of unexpected pauses in our every day expectations, can be beneficial and beautiful.  Let me always recognize that He is within every moment, that all time is His, and that delays can be powerful and purposeful.

Katie Hughes

Katie Hughes

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