woman-studying-in-library-734740-galleryThis past week my roommates and I started talking about how colleges will be sending out their acceptance letters to incoming freshman this next week.

We all reminisced about the day, almost exactly a year ago, that each of us received those letters.

We laughed, recalling our reactions when we read the email, and talked about what a great day that was for each of us.

After we all went our separate ways, my mind wandered back and reflected on what my life was a year ago from today.

To be honest, it wasn’t great.

I was struggling with so many things, and I was more terrified of going off to college than I was excited.

It reminded me of a day, just about a year ago, when it seemed that life couldn’t get any worse.

I remember all the thoughts and feelings I was dealing with at that time:

Why do I have to deal with all these trials?

Why can’t just one of my prayers be answered?

What is there to look forward to?

I thought life was supposed to be enjoyed, so why don’t I enjoy it?

I was expressing all of these things to my parents, and I’ll never forget what my dad said to me.

He said, “Sam, I promise that if you push through and endure the trials you are facing right now, the joy of the blessings you receive will infinitely outweigh the pain you are feeling now.”

At the time I didn’t believe him.

I couldn’t see how things would ever get better.

I just expected to live life sad, lonely, and never expecting anything more.

But looking back, I know my dad was right.

I still am facing trials.

Trials that I never thought I’d be able to handle.

But I have been blessed far beyond what I ever expected, and far above what I felt I deserved.

The joy I feel makes all the pain and heartache so very worth it.

So, even though a year ago life seemed too hard and painful to bear, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Because it got me to where I am today.

And where I am today is such a wonderful place to be.


I’m happy.

I love life.

I love others.

Great things are happening.


So keep going.

Life is hard sometimes!

And you may be feeling like it’s too much; you may feel your load is too heavy… but one day, it will be worth it.


You will feel joy you never knew existed.


Don’t give up.

It will be worth it.

Sam Healy
Samantha Dru Healy. But you can call me Sam. Or Dru, whichever you prefer. Just please, not Sami. http://sincerely-samanthadru.blogspot.com/
Sam Healy

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Sam Healy
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