If you’re like most people, you’re probably somewhat forgetful due in large part to the incredible amount of information your brimming mind is called upon to retain at any given moment.

And as you dash through each day, you may notice that you’re not only forgetting minor things—like people’s first names, appointments, and grocery list items—you may also be unconsciously overlooking your fundamental reason for living, and that’s to personally progress…to become more like your Maker.

Well, believe it or not, sticky notes can help.

Even amid the current assortment of dazzling electronic devices, the invention of the sticky note ranks among the world’s truly brilliant innovations since most of us desperately need these constant little reminders right in front of our eyes to help jog our ever-waning memories.

Women tend to adore these mini memory-boosters—especially the cute ones—because we rely on them to document and display the details of our day-to-day lives. We use them to post chore lists, to jot down information for our co-workers, to write little lunchbox love notes, to capture and retain inspiring tidbits, and to distribute portable schedules for our busy families.

Sticky notes remind us to drop off our dry cleaning, to pick up our carpools, and to swing by our lonely friend’s home for a visit. These micro-messages prompt action, capture detail, and make living with escalating memory loss remarkably more doable for literally millions of people around the globe.

But what if our purpose for posting these minute messages went from simply reminding us what we need to check off, to reminding us what we need to absorb in?

“Remember the poor.” (Galatians 2:10)
“Remember…and be holy.” (Numbers 15:40)
“Remember his marvelous works.” (I Chron. 16:12)
“Remember his holy covenant.” (Luke 1:72)

Today I propose we embark on a memorable, life-changing journey of greater spiritual awareness. By actively listening to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit, writing ALL spiritual urgings down (on portable sticky notes), and then eagerly acting on the inspirations and guidance we receive within 24 hours—I believe we will each come to remember whose we truly are, and remember how much God loves us personally.

By actively listening and choosing to remember more attentively those people, principles, and promptings we’ve been unintentionally overlooking, we’re bound to notice an astonishing change!

So, are you willing?

Are you ready?

Got sticky notes?

Let’s Begin!

DeAnne Flynn
DeAnne Flynn is the lucky mother of seven amazing kids (and two adorable bunnies). She craves ethnic foods, comfy flip flops, and all things C.S. Lewis. She is the author The Time-Starved Family, The Mother’s Mite, and Salt Lake City--and speaks frequently to groups nationwide. DeAnne enjoyed working as a news anchor/reporter before tackling her current job, "The Supreme Manager of Busy Lives" (a.k.a. "Mom"). She and her husband Craig love growing their family in shady neighborhood called Holladay.
DeAnne Flynn

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DeAnne Flynn
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  • Jamie

    I love this creative use for sticky notes! I can’t wait to get started!

    • DeAnne

      Share your experiences with all of us here. I had a great sticky note from God today…and I followed my impression to take my youngest daughter to lunch. We had a great talk. Saw her with new eyes. Just what I needed. She needed it too!

      • DeAnne

        I had the thought to reach out to my neighbor today. Sticky note from God. Beautiful to be His hands once in a while. Very gratifying feeling.

  • Gaye Lee P Whipple


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