Krokusse_im_SchneeIt feels cliché writing about hope and spring. But I can’t help it. Flowering trees make me swoon. My heart leaps on my commute when I catch–out of the corner of my eye–a small stand of aspen leafing out in the crook of a mountain otherwise gray with winterized brush. I cheer for hearty daffodils bowed with spring snow.

As I wondered why creation’s spring has stirred me so much, Shauna Niequist gave me words:

“Sometimes a change in the season around us is just what we need to prod us out of our own internal winters, to shake off the dust and darkness we’ve become accustomed to. I’ve been winter-y for a long time—sick, discouraged, a little isolated. I’m turning from fear to prayer, trusting that God can create new life and beauty from anything. I’m inviting the springtime around me into my own life, hoping it takes root and begins to show signs of new life in me, even small ones.”

—from her new book, aptly titled Savor, Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are.

I take her words as encouragement to do the same, to invite springtime around me into my life. It is Eastertide, indeed.

Lisa McCowen

Lisa McCowen

Lisa McCowen is delighted to join the Multiply Goodness community; she was honored to be invited by one of her students. The MG book club list was already on her nightstand! She is a mom of 3 energetic kids and teaches Spanish as an adjunct professor. New transplants to Park City, Utah, her family loves exploring, hiking, camping and cross-country skiing. On her own, she loves to run, read, cook and Zumba.
Lisa McCowen

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Lisa McCowen
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