I used to live my life in a spirit of perfection.

I knew I truly wasn’t perfect, but it’s something I really strived for.

I had to write my thank you notes perfectly.  Prepare a perfect meal.  Be the perfect mother. Before my 3rd child was born, I started to feel a sense of inadequacy of not being able to keep up with it all.

The truth was, I was looking for validation in the wrong places. I was letting other people define my life. I was feeling really bad about myself.  I realized I could not do it all. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that I need to “let whatever I do today, be enough.”

That doesn’t mean I can’t do my best at something, or strive for perfection in some aspects of my life.

It just means that I don’t have to be so hard on myself when something isn’t exactly right.

Being enough means feeling as though you’ve contributed in good ways to your day.

It means giving what you could and being satisfied with that.

Today, let us strive to accept this truth and live a beautiful, joyful life.

Katie Hughes

Katie Hughes

entrepreneur + business owner. blogger. wife. mother x 5. lover of purposeful living & everything good http://thevintagemother.com/
Katie Hughes

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Katie Hughes
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