image001C.S. Lewis said, “We are what we think we are.” I put that concept to the test about 3 years ago when I decided that every day I would say this phrase to myself. “I am a beautiful, healthy, courageous, dynamic, capable daughter of God.”

I chose those five words…beautiful, healthy, courageous, dynamic and capable, not because that’s how I felt about myself, but because I struggled to feel that way about myself.

I wanted to feel courageous and brave. I wanted to feel beautiful. I wanted to feel like I could do hard things and new things, to feel capable…so I started telling myself I was.

I repeated that phrase while doing the dishes, running on the treadmill, drying my hair, cooking dinner – whenever I remembered to say it, I said it to myself. I can tell you that I believe those things about myself now. It’s become so much easier to think that way about myself.

Today I invite you to consider what you say to yourself. Is it kind? Does it motivate and inspire you? Perhaps you could take a minute to write down your word or words, or sentence or phrase and repeat it to yourself every day.

Hilary Weeks
Hilary Weeks is a professional singer/ songwriter in the inspirational music industry with ten completed solo albums. She is also a Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur who founded the community, a community that focuses on the power of positive thinking. She is the author of two books and a series of musical parodies.
Hilary Weeks

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Hilary Weeks
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