While traveling along the bumpy road of life, have you ever become so snowed under or distracted that you’ve allowed the dreaded “D’s” to divert your course or deter your progress?

“D’s” like discouragement, detachment, dissatisfaction, or even despair?

Does it frequently seem easier to focus on what’s in your rear view mirror, instead of focusing on the current spectacular views in the here and now, or the promising destinations ahead?

For some of us, there’s a tendency to look back on the good old days—when our children were younger, when our bank accounts were fatter, or when our waistlines were thinner. We may even admit to remembering these bygone days with slightly rose-colored glasses, and often waste precious time reliving them at the expense of fully savoring our present destination.

For others, the past is painful—even paralyzing. And although continual dwelling on prior hurtful events may have stopped us dead in our tracks, temporarily sidetracking our hopes and derailing our dreams, we do it anyway. (Over and over again.)

Do you remember Lot’s wife—the unmindful woman described in Genesis and Luke who looked back longingly at Sodom and Gomorrah after being warned by the Lord, “Look not behind thee,” only to be instantly turned into a pillar of salt?

Well, I believe there’s a pinch of Lot’s wife in most of us. “Look not behind thee” was not just inspired counsel from the Lord anciently. His wise words have never been more relevant for us today.

In truth, the only time we should ever consider looking back…

Is to see how far we’ve come
What we’ve learned along the way
And who we have become because of the journey.

Perhaps Paul said it best:

“This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,
I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:13-14)

DeAnne Flynn
DeAnne Flynn is the lucky mother of seven amazing kids (and two adorable bunnies). She craves ethnic foods, comfy flip flops, and all things C.S. Lewis. She is the author The Time-Starved Family, The Mother’s Mite, and Salt Lake City--and speaks frequently to groups nationwide. DeAnne enjoyed working as a news anchor/reporter before tackling her current job, "The Supreme Manager of Busy Lives" (a.k.a. "Mom"). She and her husband Craig love growing their family in shady neighborhood called Holladay.
DeAnne Flynn

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DeAnne Flynn
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