School is well under way. We’re in our daily grind of ins and outs. There’s a ton of lunches to be made, carpools to coordinate, places to be, and homework to be done. We’re getting in the groove of what will be the next several months of our life here in our home.

It’s easy to let the ordinary tasks of caring and mothering work into a systematic, even robotic condition of: wake up, do everything, repeat. And it’s easy to find a little discouragement and dissatisfaction along the way. With this, many of us find ways to escape the humdrum and monotony of daily life. Which can be good and bad, depending on what we do with our time we choose to escape.

I like to think I’m not alone when I stop to wonder if I’m teaching all my children the right things. Am I giving them the opportunities needed to help them learn what they need to? Do they value the same things I do? Have I ruined them for life? Haha. Maybe.

But the older I get, the more I’ve realized the power of the ordinary acts that make up each day. What lessons am I teaching my children when I cheerfully welcome them home from school, or when I do laundry with love in my heart, or when I make a home cooked meal that they truly enjoyed?

What attitude can they feel from me as I participate each day in the daily grind?

I know I can do more to recognize and welcome an attitude of remembering there’s power in the ordinary acts of daily life.

Will you join me?

Katie Hughes

Katie Hughes

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Katie Hughes

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Katie Hughes
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