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My grades weren’t what I wanted them to be.
My roommates had been fighting for days without end.
I was completely overwhelmed with everything going on in my life.
And one day, I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

I took a solid hour and vented to my fiancé how my life was such a mess, and how it seemed that God doesn’t even care about me.

After patiently listening to my complaining, he said to me, “Sam, I know this may not be what you want to hear, but there are two ways you can look at everything; one way will let you see God and one won’t. And it seems like you’re trying not to see God.”

What a great reminder this was for me.
Life is hard, and things will not always go our way.
But that does not mean that God isn’t there.
It doesn’t mean he’s not listening to our every prayer.

So when times get hard, just remember to look for the good in everything,
Find the silver lining of your darkest days,
Laugh even when everything seems to be going wrong.
Love the rainbow after the rain.
Watch the beauty of the sunrise.
Smile at the stranger passing by.
Write down what you’re grateful for.
Take time to ponder and pray.
Go out and do something nice for someone in need.
Learn to love life the way it is.

And that’s where you’ll find Him.
That’s where you’ll find God.
That’s where you’ll be happy.

Sam Healy
Samantha Dru Healy. But you can call me Sam. Or Dru, whichever you prefer. Just please, not Sami. http://sincerely-samanthadru.blogspot.com/
Sam Healy

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Sam Healy
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