You don’t have to look hard to find it…there really is goodness all around us, surrounding us, just waiting to be discovered.  So, we went gathering.  Our hope is that your weekend will be filled with courage, faith, hope, a little bit of laughter, and a whole bunch of love.  YAY! It’s Friday!  Let the goodness begin…

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This post by Erin Loechner. She’s such a beautiful writer, and we love her site, but this post took a lot of courage to write, and it takes courage to read. Because it will make you think about your online life and how you are using it. So, so good.

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• Our friend and Multiply Goodness author Nish Weiseth is in the middle of the most amazing, inspiring trip to Israel during this Lent season with several other Christian bloggers and authors who we also love. They are chronicling their trip on Instagram, and it’s been so wonderful to see the photos every day. It’s definitely worth checking out.



• If you haven’t seen this video yet, we’ll be the first to admit, that it’s hard to watch. It’s hard to watch someone talk about a horrible thing that happened to them. But, this video has a beautiful, powerful message, and we hope you’ll take a moment to watch it. We know it increased our hope and faith.


• We love Kid President’s plan to make the internet a happier place. (Need an idea on how to make the internet and the world a happier place? We’d love it if you came over to our Instagram account and joined in with the #365DaysofGiving.)


• Did you see a blue and black dress? Or a white and gold dress? After arguing our point of view with friends and family, we came across this post from Glennon Melton and decided her point of view was the most important one we’d heard on the subject.


We hope you’ll feel inspired to multiply goodness this weekend, and when you do, we hope you’ll share your experiences with us on social media. See you on Monday!

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