You don’t have to look hard to find it…there really is goodness all around us, surrounding us, just waiting to be discovered.  So, we went gathering.  Our hope is that your weekend will be filled with courage, faith, hope, a little bit of laughter, and a whole bunch of love.  YAY! It’s Friday!  Let the goodness begin… (If you’re reading this in our newsletter, click here to view this post on our site so you can see the videos and other links.)

• We are in awe of the courage of Lauren Hill and her family, and wish we could have been there to cheer her on in her first and last college basketball game. Learn more about Lauren here: Student With Terminal Cancer to Play on College Basketball Team
• Regardless of how you feel about listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, we’re confident you’ll like this:
• We discovered this blog post through Ann Voskamp’s blog and just had to share it here. We hope it filled you with hope like it did us: When Strangers Become Your People
• Improv Everywhere is a group out of New York that makes funny videos and scenes in the middle of crowds. As the shopping season approaches, we love how this video started out as a prank and turned into a sweet, positive experience for the shop owner and the neighborhood.
• Oh, this is such a sweet story of love. A beautiful example of what it means to love our neighbors.
We hope you’ll feel inspired to multiply goodness this weekend, and when you do, we hope you’ll share your experiences with us on social media. See you on Monday!
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