You don’t have to look hard to find it…there really is goodness all around us, surrounding us, just waiting to be discovered.  So, we went gathering.  Our hope is that your weekend will be filled with courage, faith, hope, a little bit of laughter, and a whole bunch of love.  YAY! It’s Friday!  Let the goodness begin…

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• The most courageous acts are those that are rooted in forgiveness. And in standing up for what is right, regardless of the consequences. This clip of Malala Yousafzai on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is such a beautiful example of courage and the power of forgiveness.


• We love this essay on having faith, even when the happy ending we expected isn’t the one we receive.

When We Don’t Get a Happy Ending


• Ecclesiastes 3:1 just gives us such hope. Watching the seasons change is such a reminder that all things testify of Him, and that in our own lives, we have seasons of life that require that we change with them. Purchase this beautiful print here.



• In honor of all the times you’re going to give candy to Princess Elsa tonight…


• We hope you heard about this next story. David Butler blogged about it this week as well, but we think it’s worth mentioning again. Little Ethan Van Leuven’s story is a perfect example of what can happen in the world when we choose to live in gratitude and love and actively multiply goodness by sharing that love with others. Our hearts and prayers are with his family and his community – Ethan passed away on Wednesday after a week filled with celebrations – Halloween, his birthday, and Christmas.

• And finally, we’re sharing this recipe from The Pioneer Woman because pumpkin cinnamon rolls just seem like a good idea. And this recipe makes plenty of cinnamon rolls to share with family and friends. Click the image below to see the recipe:


We hope you’ll feel inspired to multiply goodness this weekend, and when you do, we hope you’ll share your experiences with us on social media. See you on Monday!

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