You don’t have to look hard to find it…there really is goodness all around us, surrounding us, just waiting to be discovered. So, we went gathering. Our hope is that your weekend will be filled with courage, faith, hope, a little bit of laughter, and a whole bunch of love. YAY! It’s Friday! Let the goodness begin…

  • We loved hearing about this story and how the simple act of delivering roses helped Elizabeth overcome her own struggles and focus on serving others. We know you’ll love it too.
  • We might love Robert Downey, Jr. a little more than we already did after watching this:

  • Are you a podcast listener? We may have listened to every episode of Invisibilia this week. Macy is obsessed and will blog about it soon. Do you have any favorite podcasts? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.
  • Ellen is making us cry all the happy tears in this video:

  • And since we can’t leave you with tears in your eyes – even happy ones – we leave you with smiling babies. Click the photo to see more adorableness.


We hope you’ll feel inspired to multiply goodness this weekend, and when you do, we hope you’ll share your experiences with us on social media. See you on Monday!

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