We love this account from our Good News reporter that she received from a friend. We hope you feel inspired to look for the 70 cent miracles in your life today.


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One of my favorite testaments of God’s love and awareness came in a small, but glaringly real way. I was spending the day with a friend, having some good faith-promoting conversation. It was a much needed uplift for me at a hard time. For all our chatting, we finished lunch early and felt prompted to walk around the corner to a copy center and take two minutes to print a certain article I’d read, convinced it would provide the healing and dose of the Spirit I was needing.

As I pulled it up, another talk came to mind – one I hadn’t read for a year, nor that applied to my situation. Still, I followed the feeling and queued them both up to print. I had two dollars, and both were lengthy talks. I inserted the first dollar into the machine, and it accepted. When I went to put in the second, it had a rip and wouldn’t work.

I had no change on me, and the Spirit kept pressing on me the importance of printing that second talk. I was only supposed to have thirty cents returned, and I needed seventy. I closed my eyes briefly and prayed to understand how to accomplish the prompting, and right then, exactly seventy cents fell out of the machine. My friend and I both had chills. We kept looking around like we were being punked. The change belonged to no one, and it had been an instant and specific answer to my prayer. I printed the second talk with the exact change I needed and had been given, and we were back on our way.

The next day, that same friend and I were visiting another friend, a soul very dear to us. Within the first few minutes of our visit, he brought up an aching concern in his life that was addressed almost verbatim in the second article we’d printed. We had chills again. We both knew what to do, and handed him the talk. He read the first line, and was stilled.

It was a small thing with huge consequences, and a witness to me that the Lord brings to pass miracles in specific and inspired ways in our daily lives. He knows us, and beyond that, He knows how we can help others. His love is so perfect that He reassured me while providing the means to reassure this friend all in one moment. He shows us every day that He is in the dollars-and-cents-details of our daily lives. He is there, if we will but open our eyes to the little things, to the 70 cent miracles.

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