Gino Rich understands the power of service and is a passionate individual who believes in enabling others to change their circumstances. For 25 years Gino has been involved with an organization called Sew Much Hope. The project is dedicated to converting older electric sewing machines into hand-cranked models. These modified machines are sent all over the world in partnership with other non-profit groups to help women lift themselves out of poverty. Last year Gino and their foundation sent 135 donated sewing machines to 10 different countries. Something as simple as a sewing machine can be a life-changing gift.

Most of the women who receive the hand powered sewing machines will never know who sent the gift, but the group is motivated by the mantra:

“Work for a cause
Not the applause
Live life to express
Not to impress
Don’t strive to make your presence noticed
Make your absence felt.” – unknown

As women all over the world receive machines, they are able to sell clothes that give them money for needed food, medical treatment, and tuition for school. They also have a way to provide clothing for their children. Gino and his associates’ strive to arm people with portable hope.

Gino says, “What we do has a generational impact on the family… It is the best way I have found to pay it forward.”

As disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ may we each in our own way “sew” good seeds in the lives of those around us. As Christ has reminded each of us:

“Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

Visit to support Gino and his cause to enable families around the world.

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  • Gino Rich

    This is Gino Rich Founder of Sew Much Hope. Thank you for the kind article. Just an update last month we sent 4 sewing machines to Nepal with Operation Underground Railroad for Maiti Nepal ( watch ” The day my God died” on youtube) for girls rescued from brothels and slavery, Uganda Health Alliance took 7 to Uganda and 3 went to Zambia to help rescued girls from prostitution to have a way to provide for their families. Thank you again for helping us help them. We all can change the world one sewing machine at a time. I know because I see it everyday. If anyone knows on charities that could use our help please call me @ 801-706-0301 we are always looking for partnerships to help serve the poor.
    Gino Rich

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