Editor’s Note: We turn on the news and images of unrest so quickly fill the screen. And yet, open the Bible and its pages speak of good news. Has your soul ever longed for a place that would share newsworthy stories with a touch of good?

Every Thursday, we will have posts from a team of writers dedicated to discovering these good news stories. We are so excited to share with you, and hope you will visit our Do Good page to learn a little more.


Seven billion of us share this planet. We were all created in the image of God and we all came with goodness to share.

When was the last time you looked for goodness in one of the seven billion? When was the last time you thanked one of them for their goodness? A man by the name of Rich Uhl has caused me to ask myself these questions lately.

Rich has been filling his friends’ newsfeeds with selfies. These aren’t your standard selfies though. Each one is taken with a friend and includes a heartfelt tribute to that friend.

By the time I finish reading Rich’s posts about his friends, I admire these people. I am reminded of the goodness in human beings. I log off Facebook wanting to see the goodness in the people surrounding me.

On March 15 Rich posted about why these tributes were flooding his wall. He shares the following story:

“A number of years ago I sat in a meeting with a man whom I consider a mentor and one of the most amazing men I have ever met. As clearly as I can remember during our meeting he said, ‘Since I was a small boy I had the desire to know everyone.’ At first, a few of us laughed at the absurd arithmetic, a number of about 7 billion people. Laughs were stifled when we realized he was serious, then with great humility and deep emotion he said, ‘I love people, I want to know them all.’ . . . Since that experience years ago, I have tried to be more like this man. I try to become a friend to as many people as I can.”

This, along with a few other experiences, led Rich to his motion to #know7billion. He explains:

“One day, I hope to meet you all, know you all and be like my friend, the man with absurd arithmetic and a desire to know 7 billion people. I have selected #know7billion as the hashtag I will continue to share these with, so please join me in helping me share your friends.”

Along with Rich, I invite you to choose a friend today whose goodness you can share through social media. Add this hashtag to your picture so that others can Multiply Goodness too.

The more we know of the 7 billion, the more we know of the God who created us—and as we search for the good in them, we will find the image of God.


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