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While reports of domestic violence are often shared through the news, we hope you will enjoy the following case of “domestic love.”

Marjorie and Grant: 93 years old and 95 years old.

Grandpa Grant and Grandma Marjorie live in a small and quiet farming town of Northern Utah.

They spend their evenings sitting on their covered porch, watching the world go by.

As they sit, the smell of cows occasionally wafts through the air and the warm summer breeze touches their worn and wrinkled skin.

Grandma Marjorie had a stroke years ago. Her mind, sadly, has not been the same since.

You see, she has these socks she puts on her fists. As she hunches over, moving her fists back and forth, she explains to Grandpa Grant that these are her boxing gloves.

As the evening wears on Grandpa Grant lovingly looks to Grandma Marjorie and says,

“Marjorie, go to bed.”

Grandma Marjorie says with attitude, “You can’t tell me what to do!”

Grandpa Grant responds again with, “Marjorie, go to bed.”

This interaction happens several times each evening.

At this point, Grandpa Grant reaches over from his chair, which is positioned next to Grandma Marjorie’s couch, grabs one of her “boxing gloves” and gently begins to wrestle it back and forth.

He then leans back in his chair with a smile on his face, and says, “There, Marjorie, that’s your exercise.”

Pleased, Grandma Marjorie then asks him to sing.

You see, Grandpa Grant has a beautiful voice.

He’s already sung several times for her, but she doesn’t remember. And so, she continues to ask.

Grandma Marjorie stays on the couch, while Grandpa Grant’s melodious voice dances through the air.

In the stillness that often comes after beautiful music is heard, Grandma Marjorie agrees to go to bed.

Grandpa Grant promises to be there shortly.

He hobbles step-by-step back to the room to meet his wife, and he climbs in bed next to his love of multiple decades.

Grandpa Grant doesn’t need as much rest as his beloved wife does, which leaves him lying in the dark on his aching back, looking at the ceiling, as Marjorie sleeps.

He’ll sometimes be lying next to her for up to 12 hours, simply because he said he would. Simply because he is her companion.

He does it because he loves her.

One day our bodies may ache and our minds may fail, but true and unending love will pull us through.

Domestic love is a quiet and daily task. Such love is exemplified in the “boxing” matches, the beautiful songs and the long nights of 93-year-old Grandma Marjorie and 95-year-old Grandpa Grant.

“A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.”

How will you fill your home with domestic love?

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