headshotDo you love your body?

Erin Palmer—who lives in Provo, Utah—is aware that the answer to this question for too many is a resounding no. As a result, she’s dedicated herself to providing truth about health and body image. Erin’s beliefs about these topics are founded in her relationship with God. Through Instagram and fitness classes, she’s started sharing her unique wisdom with the general public.

Erin believes people need to change from the inside out—that our internal dialogue is what needs to become healthier. She shares some of the following insights to help individuals transform their mental and physical health:


1.  “I believe that our motivation for taking care of our bodies should come from a place of gratitude, self-compassion and forgiveness.” Our body should not be our enemy, to be fought or hated. Our bodies are gifts from God, and what if we took care of them as a token of gratitude to Him

2.  “In addition to gratitude, operating from a place of love instead of fear is key . . . Our fear of not being attractive enough, loveable enough, on top of it enough, or good enough should never be the reason why we are seeking to make a health change. When we operate from a place of love we are saying, “I am good enough right now, as I am. I want to give my body the movement and nutrients it needs in order to feel healthy and free.””

3.  “Pay attention to what messages you’re allowing into your life . . . via media, friends, etc. and then learn to recognize the lies and incorrect ideas regarding your body. It will take effort at first, but it will get easier. As you get better at recognizing “body lies” you can start to challenge them. The more you challenge those thoughts and add positive, constructive thoughts into your life, the less those lies will shape how you think. You will notice that as time goes on, with consistent effort, you will one day find yourself free from negative body talk.”

Erin is open about the struggles she’s had herself with health and body image. Her efforts to promote wellness are fueled by understanding and experience. She shares:

“When I got married, I had a really hard time understanding how my husband could love me as much as he did. I realized that the source of my unbelief came from the fact that I did not love myself. I decided that if he loved me at that moment, overweight and all, I needed to figure out how to love myself as I was . . . I turned to God and allowed Him to teach me about the beauty of my body. That was the start of my journey and it was empowering!”

Via @erinpalmerfitness on Instagram

Via @erinpalmerfitness on Instagram

As Erin started recognizing the power her body had to sustain her, bless others, and even create life, she knew she had a message to share with the world. She says, “My aim is to educate and empower people so that they can take control of their minds and bodies and use them to fulfill their life’s mission.”

Our bodies are gifts from God. Love your gift today!

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