Do you ever feel flawed, lacking, broken—like your imperfections and weaknesses are obvious for all to see? If others don’t readily notice your shortcomings, are you more than willing to help by pointing them out?

I have battled feelings of insignificance and even humiliation for years.

It is easy to do—especially the week I forgot to pick up my preschooler (three times), or the day I eagerly asked a charming store clerk when her baby was due (but she wasn’t expecting).

It seemed I was continually doing or saying the wrong things and I felt “wrong,” as if there was no way to totally “right” myself.

Then one day, while reading in St. Luke chapter 8, a simple phrase hit me like a ton of bricks, “…Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils…” (Luke 8:2)

Wait, what?
Seven devils?

Did I not remember this monumental detail about a vital woman in scripture? Mary, a dear friend whom the Savior loved while He was on the earth. One who knelt at His feet while He was on the cross. The person to whom He appeared FIRST after his resurrection! Out of ALL the women in the world He could have chosen to be close to, The Lord chose Mary Magdalene—one who had been plagued by devils?

Truthfully, I cannot express in mere words what this simple, unspeakably powerful truth conveyed to my heart that day.

Because I believed that if Jesus could love Mary, choose Mary, see her for WHO she truly was, look past her present circumstance and cleanse away her defects and afflictions to make her totally right, complete, and new then I believed He could also love me, choose me, look past my present circumstance to see my true identity, and cleanse away my defects and afflictions to make me right, complete, and new.

Do you believe He can do the same for you?

Gratefully, Luke 8:2 revealed to my heart that there are no fatal flaws. Our weaknesses and failings are merely reminders. Prompts to help us remember that we each so desperately need The Master Healer who knows ALL, sees ALL and has the power to cleanse ALL.

(Every. Single. One.)

DeAnne Flynn
DeAnne Flynn is the lucky mother of seven amazing kids (and two adorable bunnies). She craves ethnic foods, comfy flip flops, and all things C.S. Lewis. She is the author The Time-Starved Family, The Mother’s Mite, and Salt Lake City--and speaks frequently to groups nationwide. DeAnne enjoyed working as a news anchor/reporter before tackling her current job, "The Supreme Manager of Busy Lives" (a.k.a. "Mom"). She and her husband Craig love growing their family in shady neighborhood called Holladay.
DeAnne Flynn

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DeAnne Flynn
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