we are all students

We homeschool … but I firmly believe every home is a school. Every family is homeschooling – consciously or not. So, as the fresh school season seeps into every corner of our schedule, I find myself pondering the grand goal of this elementary education lifestyle …

The grand goal, hope, dream and prayer is that children will gain a love of learning. The love needs to resonate so strong and deep that it will bubble over throughout their lifetime and beyond.

Yet as assignments weigh down backpacks, shoulders and our children’s drive, I wonder how we can keep the love of learning alive? How do we root the love deep enough that it thrives way past the first-day-of-school excitement?

And then the Spirit whispers an oh-so-often repeated answer to my heart: “It starts with you.” Ah yes, I must make and model that love of learning first.

“When all is said and done, we are all students. If the day ever comes when we quit learning, look out. We will just atrophy and die. We all can learn and learn well,” said Gordon B. Hinckley.

Life is a learning experience – one where we learn by study and also by faith. Our personal attitude and example sets the tone, regarding every subject. For my children to gain a love of learning, so must I – and I must actively and continuously live that love!

The scripture, “But be ye doers of the word and not hearers only,” comes to mind (James 1:22) … and as parents, we must particularly remember to be doers of the word and not preachers only.

As we live a life of learning, our love for learning, our knowledge and our passions grow. Thankfully, it just takes little steps to make a big difference. That’s why I’m picking out books for me at the library (and even finding time to read them). I’m surrounding myself with my creative passions and passionate people. I’m saying, “Guess what I learned today!” and, “Did you know?” more often. And when we find a dead bat in our backyard, I’m jumping at it as a learning opportunity vs. a disgust.

Plus, I’ve noticed that as I pick up the paintbrush or tennis racket or piano books and give it a whirl, my children are more likely to try something new too. And you know what else? … I’m loving it! As I learn, my love for learning increases, and then it bubbles over and enwraps my children!

We only have a few scripture verses about Christ’s childhood … we don’t know much about his upbringing, but we do know that the one who saved us all, “Increased in wisdom and stature, in favor with God and man.” (Luke 2:52) Even He, the all-knowing Redeemer, increased in wisdom.

Yes, we are all students. And when considering all the possible subjects to study, He is the one I’d like to know most. “With all of our learning, let us learn of Him,” Hinckley said. Starting our school days {which is every day on Earth} with His words makes all the difference – because He is the difference.

So here’s to a school year full of learning, full of love, and full of Him – for the little and big people of the world! May we model that love, and allow it to bubble over and enwrap those around us!

Jessica Poe
Jessica Poe is a mother of three, a collector of divine details and author of, Everyday MOMents: Discovering Christ in the Details of Motherhood. Jessica and her homeschooling family live under the lively green trees of Oregon; where their hearts flutter for bird watching, berry picking and basking in small, natural daily doings. Read more inspirational musings from Jessica at www.jessica-poe.com/blog
Jessica Poe
Jessica Poe
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