I believe we each try to put our best foot forward day to day… We carefully plan and prepare for the vast inventory of needs, commitments, and duties for which we are responsible—and not only for ourselves, but also for all those who depend upon us!

But since we’re usually up to our eyebrows with challenges, or children, or checklists, we may not even detect that there are countless God-given opportunities all around us each day. And we might be failing to notice them purely because we’ve got “tunnel vision?”

A friend once shared the sad story of her mother’s untimely death. When she was just a young mom herself, this friend’s mother contracted the stomach flu, then suddenly passed away without warning. You can imagine my friend’s shock and sadness during such a difficult time. When her siblings gathered in her home to plan their mother’s funeral, all of their young children ran uncontrollably around her house.

At the height of the chaos, she heard a knock at her front door. My friend’s neighbor was standing there—without a casserole, without a cake, but with eyes to see what was truly needed at that dark hour. Instantly noticing that the children were all wild and free, she rounded them up in her minivan and took them to a movie so my friend could focus on her mother’s funeral.

This neighbor didn’t just make a call, or make some cookies, she showed up. She saw what was truly needed at that moment through the Spirit. I think most of us genuinely aspire to be like this good neighbor, much like the Good Samaritan who truly “saw” someone in need.

But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he had compassion on him … then said Jesus unto him, “Go, and do thou likewise.” (Luke 10:33-34 – emphasis added.)

Each day we come across the wounded, the overwhelmed, and the needy. (And many of these people live in our own homes and share our last name!) If we simply aim to notice them by trying our best to be good parents, good friends, and good neighbors, we will truly “see” them as Christ sees them.

The way He sees us.

“The range of what we think and do is (1)

DeAnne Flynn
DeAnne Flynn is the lucky mother of seven amazing kids (and two adorable bunnies). She craves ethnic foods, comfy flip flops, and all things C.S. Lewis. She is the author The Time-Starved Family, The Mother’s Mite, and Salt Lake City--and speaks frequently to groups nationwide. DeAnne enjoyed working as a news anchor/reporter before tackling her current job, "The Supreme Manager of Busy Lives" (a.k.a. "Mom"). She and her husband Craig love growing their family in shady neighborhood called Holladay.
DeAnne Flynn

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