unnamedEarly in my writing career, I had the opportunity to work with a brilliant author and inspirational speaker, Dr. Dennis Waitley. As a mentor to Olympic athletes, Apollo astronauts, and top business executives, Dennis loved the saying, “Believing is seeing.” You read that right; Dr. Waitley insisted that people need to believe before they can see. This could be called faith, visualization, imaging, or any number of similar definitions.

I call it the truth.

Since we understand that faith precedes the miracle, it isn’t hard to imagine that we must not only believe in God, but also believe in ourselves if we are to actually see ourselves—and others—as God sees. Do you believe this is true?

Are you up for a little experiment?

Look into a mirror and say the words “I AM ____. (Fill in the blank with a Christ-like attribute or some character trait you would like to adopt and start refining in yourself.) Let’s call this the “I AM Principle,” which is much like the “AS IF Principle.” You know, “Act AS IF you have a desired quality long enough and you will have it.” Also known as, “Fake it till you make it” mind maneuvering.

Since the words I AM are much more than merely self-descriptors or affirmations, but are actually a sacred name of our Savior Jesus Christ, by using them to describe ourselves we are literally taking His holy name upon us! (And remembering Him.)

So, for the next few weeks, try using small notes-to-yourself as strategic reminders—in your car, on your bathroom mirror, in your office cubicle, and on your refrigerator door—with the words “I AM (and the desired attribute).” If done with real intent, I promise this easy, eye-opening exercise can transform your vision and retrain your brain to both see and live higher.

Simply do what my daughter’s violin teacher taught her to do when practicing a piece of music—“chunk it” into bite size pieces. That’s right, merely take one small affirmation (a single “I AM” statement – like “I AM worthy”) and focus on that until you BELIEVE it, until you see this attribute in yourself.

Positive “I AM” affirmations + Daily Repetition = Personal Growth & Success

Believe it.

See it!

DeAnne Flynn
DeAnne Flynn is the lucky mother of seven amazing kids (and two adorable bunnies). She craves ethnic foods, comfy flip flops, and all things C.S. Lewis. She is the author The Time-Starved Family, The Mother’s Mite, and Salt Lake City--and speaks frequently to groups nationwide. DeAnne enjoyed working as a news anchor/reporter before tackling her current job, "The Supreme Manager of Busy Lives" (a.k.a. "Mom"). She and her husband Craig love growing their family in shady neighborhood called Holladay. http://www.deanneflynn.com/
DeAnne Flynn

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