Have you ever been on a plane?
About 95% of you will answer that question with the affirmative.

Is that incredible or what? Just over a century ago, people would’ve lumped us in the “cray-cray” category for even considering air travel. But these days, we more than consider it… We actually do it!

The Wright brothers were told that using a flying machine to “defy gravity” and “break the laws of physics” was much more than improbable, it was IMPOSSIBLE. And breaking the law of gravity IS technically impossible because gravity is a constant and it demands to be recognized. But those bros didn’t actually “break” any laws at all; they simply used juxtaposed forces like thrust, inertia, lift and drag to harness gravity and overpower it…

Woah there! Nerd alert!

Sorry, this is where my physics brain meets up for a little rendezvous with my metaphysics brain, and I still don’t even completely understand what I’m trying to explain here, so please… bare with me.

So… Just as gravity demands to be recognized in the physical world, another constant and perhaps even more grounding force demands respect in the world of mortality—justice. Justice, as defined in Webster’s dictionary, is the maintenance or administration of what is just by law, and the administering of deserved punishment or reward for conformity to such laws. Now with that said, we must understand that God himself lives by a set of rules, and in order to join him in his kingdom we must also live by a specific set of rules, which are called commandments. When we break one of God’s commandments, justice says that we, either in this life or the next, need to pay to right our wrongs. Now… We’re all sinners. So… How could God, with a bunch of children that have a whole lot of wrongs to be righted, possibly expect to see any of us make it to Heaven?

It’s simple really: He sent His Son.

Christ came to this earth, lived a perfect life, died for each of us individually, and in doing so invoked the law of mercy. His mercy is given to all men freely, and all they must do to access it is believe in Him.

His mercy doesn’t break the law of justice, it overpowers it. Just as an airplane doesn’t break the law of gravity, it overpowers it.

In both cases, we must have faith in the vehicle to access the power. Believing in Him is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. If you haven’t already made the choice to believe in Christ and accept His mercy as payment for your sins, I invite you to do so. And I promise you that though the idea might seem foreign and somewhat insane right now, in time your trust in Him will grow and before you know it, accessing His mercy on a daily basis may become as simple as stepping onto an airplane.

Cade Mooney

Cade Mooney

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  • Lisa Johnson

    Thank you so much for your thoughts. This is so well written. I am going to use this on Sunday to teach my Young Women about the Atonement.

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