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One Saturday in the middle of September I went to see a movie.

Little did I know that the movie was about to change my life.

The scene gave me chills: A group was sitting around a bonfire with banjos and guitars, and everyone was singing along. But, along with all the typical instruments, one unique instrument stood out to me –– a cello. The second I heard the first note coming from that beautiful instrument I knew in my heart that I would become a cellist.

I am not necessarily musically gifted so this was a pretty strange thing to dream of becoming.

But I decided then and there that it would happen.

I would be a cellist.

And although it’s completely out of my comfort zone, and I am definitely not playing at Carnegie Hall (cough cough, yet) I have mastered the art of playing “Jingle Bells” and that is one step closer.

That one moment when I decided to step out from my comfort zone and play the cello brought a multiplicity of goodness into my life. Playing the cello has now become one of my favorite hobbies. And one day I hope my gift will bless the lives of others.

Today have the courage to step out of your comfort zone, because great things never come from staying there.

Grace Freeman

Grace Freeman

Grace Freeman

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