From time to time, I find myself busier than I want to be.

It seems like my “yes’s” outweigh my “no’s” and I’m left wondering why my life feels so lopsided.

Several years ago while in the middle of a stressful moment, I went to my Heavenly Father in prayer. I asked Him for specific needs, including an understanding and perspective of how I could avoid these situations in the future.  Almost noticeably after I prayed, it became clear that it was not only a matter of priorities, but of purpose.  I felt the clear answer was to ask myself in every situation that I wrestled with, “Will this bring me or my family closer to Christ?”

Approaching life from this perspective has brought immense blessings.  I’ve been given the courage to say “no” at times when needed, and I’ve been blessed with understanding of why saying “no” can help me stay focused on the needs of my family.

Then I proceed with purpose knowing the Lord has a little more understanding about how I can best be His disciple.

When situations and opportunities come–even if they are worthy and good and filled with light, prioritize by asking, “Will this lead me or my family closer to Christ?” then proceed with the knowledge that the Lord will bless you to live a life of purpose if you listen to His answers.

Katie Hughes

Katie Hughes

entrepreneur + business owner. blogger. wife. mother x 5. lover of purposeful living & everything good
Katie Hughes

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Katie Hughes
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