In a portent day of persistent pressures to perform it is easy to let doubt and depressing distress drain our energy and delete our diligent efforts towards our divine destination.

This kind of fear is fruitless and leaves us fretting over failures and frightful falls in which we faintly miss the friendly hand of the finisher of our faith.

It was on a day like this in which I was feeling such pressure and fear that I walked out of my office to get some fresh air, pray and readjust my thought and perspective.

never give up you got thisToward the later end of that walk I found myself in the hall way of the high school in which I work. I would not normally call the high school hallways a holy place but that day it was.

It became for me a haven for a heavenly message to my heart.

I saw a post it on a locker with a hand written message, “Never give up! You got this!”

I assume it was a young person writing an inspiring message to a friend and is an example of a hallmark of teenagers, they can be the most honorable friends.

But that day those six words became a revelation to me. I walked out of that hallway with renewed hope and happiness.

God reached into my heart and admonished me to adjust my ailing assurance that I would be able to accomplish my divinely assigned mortal mission.

So maybe today you are having a day of pressure and fear. Can I pass on the words of a profound young person written on a simple post it, “Never give up! You got this!”

Guy Johnson

Guy Johnson

Guy has heard just about every "Guy joke", like "Hey, it's that one Guy." or "You must be the only Guy here." Now he can add a new joke "You are that blogger Guy." Guy is an Idaho boy. Born in Pocatello Idaho, he grew up working on a farm with his grandfather just outside of the "big city". While working on the farm Guy learned lessons of work, integrity, faith, discipline and how to drive a tractor while singing a few country songs. Guy graduated from Idaho State University in sociology with a minor in political science and knew that he wanted to work in a service field. Later, receiving a Master's Degree from the University of Utah in education, Guy has been passionate about Education. Guy also developed a great love for an in depth study of the scriptures, especially scriptures that open understanding of our Savior Jesus Christ. Guy counts it a great blessing to be able to help youth and adults discover truths in the scriptures that bring happiness and hope. Guys greatest blessing is his sweet wife and their two children that teach him great lessons of discipleship. Guy hopes to be known as one who lives a simple life of multiplying goodness.
Guy Johnson
Guy Johnson

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