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One of the things I have loved about gathering with and getting to know my Christian friends is their strong sense of community. So many of my friends deliberately set aside time to nurture relationships with the women in their circles who are also believers. They study the Bible together, they talk together, they have fun together – it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

In the past, I assumed that my Christian friends had stronger communities because they had the option to choose the church they attended. They had the ability to visit several different churches and find one with the people and the community they felt most comfortable in, and then they started working to build those ties. As a Mormon, our congregations are determined by geography. And while I’ve loved the different congregations I’ve had the opportunity to live in and have been blessed by the instant community created by my Mormon congregation each time I have moved to a new city, I realized by watching my Christian friends that I don’t always take the next step to deliberately build and strengthen ties with the women around me.

So, prompted by my friend Lara Casey, I’m going to work this summer to tend those friendships around me and choose to build the community I’m in. I’m excited to see what this summer holds.

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