In a little town just off the coast of La Misión, Mexico there is an orphanage brightly colored in tangerine and lime green paint. The name of the orphanage is Buena Vida, the good life, and almost 40 children call it home. We discovered the orphanage in April of 2016 when we learned that these darling kids were about to be evicted from their current location. We set up a partnership with A Child’s Hope Foundation hoping the community of Multiply Goodness could lend our hearts and hands to this great cause as we help to build a new home for these kids.

Want to get involved:


JOIN A TRIP: Come help us build the orphanage! You can find TRIP INFORMATION here.

Along with regular posts, you can find updates on the orphanage project on Instagram. (@multiplygoodness) We will be posting trip updates, building updates, and also introduce you to the kids who live at Buena Vida.

We will host two orphanage trips in 2017.

May 29-June 3, 2017

August 8-12, 2017

The trips are 5 days and the cost to attend is $350.00 per person.  This fee includes:

Breakfast, Lunch and 2 Dinners
Breakfast Club Excursion
Building Supplies for the Buena Vida construction project

If you would be interested in attending one of these trips with us send us an email here and we will keep you in the loop!